New Project (12)


#4 Literacy page

Reading Program: Timing, duration, frequency of program Once a week during the school year

Partnerships: Mr. Nature, Santa Cruz Elementary, and San Xavier Elementary Schools What role does your partner(s) have in the program? Mr. Nature assists by singing, reading, and playing his guitar once or twice a year at both elementary schools. Santa Cruz teachers and San Xavier teachers provide reading materials for Christ Child volunteers to read with the students and select the students.


Number of children/families served your 2019: 100
Age range of clients served: kindergarten through 3rd grade

Volunteers: How many volunteers participate in this program (planning and working): 4
What roles do the volunteers have in this program? Communicate with the schools and teachers and read one on one with each student.

Program Descriptions: The overall goal of this program: to promote the joy of reading What service/materials do you provide to your clients? At least 2 books donated a year (their own choice) to each child, bookmarks with CC logo on them, and one-on-one reading instruction.

Volunteers go to the schools once a week at a designated time and the teacher provides the reading material and the students. A volunteer reads one on one with each student. Twice a year, Mr. Nature accompanies our Christ Child team to the schools and reads, sings, and plays music with his guitar and other instruments, actively engaging students