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Layettes of Love

The National Christ Child Society, of which we are a part of, began in 1887 in Washington, D.C. as a lay Catholic organization, it now numbers more than 6,000 members across the country and represents a wide variety of churches.

The Tucson chapter started in 1971, consisted of some 70 Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, Mormons, Baptists, and others, subscribing to different faiths but reaching out together to improve the health, education, shelter, and general well-being of the community’s most needy children and adults.

Over the years, volunteers in Tucson’s Christ Child chapter have raised funds for hospitals, neighborhood centers, shelters for battered women and the homeless, Indian missions, schools, youth groups, and more.

Wherever the need exists, Christ Child is there. Our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick said, “… nothing is ever too much to do for a child!”

Our special project is providing layettes for poverty-stricken women and their newborn infants. The layettes (valued at about $120 each retail) include handmade blankets, baby clothes, blankets, towels, and even toys.

Some 300 of these layettes are given each year to needy women of all ethnic groups and backgrounds.

It is such a simple gift, yet such an essential one. Without the efforts of Christ Child, many new mothers in and around Tucson literally would have nothing with which to clothe and care for their babies.

And it is a gift so warmly received and appreciated.

‘I just didn’t know what I was going to do when I took my baby home, said Anita, a 17-year old recipient mother as tears welled up in her eyes. “These clothes are a Godsend.”

It is only with the warm generosity of Tucson businesses and individuals such as you that members of Christ Child are able to continue this desperately needed mission.

We—and countless new mothers—thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts.

We help Casa de Los Nino's, Diamond’s Children’s Hospital, Various Women’s Centers, Steele Pediatric Cancer Research Center, Aviva Children’s services, and Teenage Pregnancy Program at Marana High School, Casa Maria, and wherever there is a need.

It all stays here in Tucson.

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Thank you for listening and learning about the Christ Child Society of Tucson.